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Hemp Doctors USA!

We sell American grown, naturally healthy, oils, tinctures and salves for people, dogs, cats and horses!

Our sole mission is to create a healthier world for people, pets, and the planet!

Hemp Doctors USA sells America’s Best hemp- derived, all natural, full spectrum, GMO Free, Gluten Free, Vegan topical products and dietary supplements. All Hemp Doctors USA products are produced from mature stock and sterilized seed.

Our Hemp extracts may be used in numerous ways and in combinations together: as an oral tincture; a capsule for easy and known dosage; or topically with all the same goals of well being. Most of our clients purchase both an oral and a topical product for optimal results.

“All in all, we sell naturally good products that good people are behind.”

– Sarah Scott

Founder & Owner

We look forward to developing a relationship with you and
assisting you in anyway we can!

You are always welcome to call us or text us anytime at:

512 . 302 . 4348 | iFit

Hemp Doctors USA:  Premium Quality Full spectrum Hemp derived Products for Sale

Local Delivery and Pick Up available in Austin, TX

Live Well. Play Well. Be Well.

Selling America’s Best Hemp Products Since 2015

(*Shipping available anywhere in the Continental U.S.A only)
Just posted a video @ First Avenue South Bridge https://t.co/yjEWQeoMaA
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Dynamic Duo ‼️ Saturday Morning Pickle Ball at JCC @ JCC Austin https://t.co/YvwYbuzmc4
Nature Heals & Zane Rides Again🏍 Thank You Zane for all you do‼️We are so honored you are our Global Brand Ambassad… https://t.co/cd6FXH5trd
November 17, 2018

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